Red Comet
Golden Cougar
Albany CA, 2010.
Seen while commuting through Albany, CA. January 2015.
Seen while parking at Bay Street in Emeryville. 2008.
Berkeley, CA. May 2011
Point Reyes Comet
Cape Cod Grand Marquis
California Cougar
Seen during commute, Oakland CA 2010.
Albany CA. June, 2014
Albany CA. 2010
Moribund Marquis
Green Monterey
Berkeley CA, 2010.
I think it's about a '77. The owner saw me taking pictures and was very nice, and showed me various details. Albany CA 2010.
Silver Sable
Red Monterey
1951 Mercury, probably chop top customization, seen at a winery in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County. September, 2014.
Black Cougar
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